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Thinking of Selling Your Home but Aren't Sure Whether You have The Needed Equity or Not? We're here to help!


Inquire about our Short Sales and Relocation Allowance Solutions. Our Team of Real Estate Professionals can definitely make it work for you. Let us handle the complexities, including the stress of haggling and negotiating with your lender(s) to get them off your backs, forgive your remaining mortgage loan debts and waive any potential deficiencies resulting from the sale of your home.  

Each case is different but depending on the Hardship, most lenders are willing to provide thousands in Relocation Allowances to help borrowers to transition smoothly, quickly and easily. In a Short Sale, as it gets approved, all related selling and closing cost expenses are paid by the lender. Lender also accepts payments of debts for less than the full amount. For a free Consultation, please contact us.

​​​​​​​​​​​​OTHER SPECIALTY 

Nextdoor Realty Group, Inc., specializes and has had great successes in Short Sales and/or Pre-Foreclosure Sales Transactions as well. To ensure success, the company works with a team of Real Estate Professionals, Lawyers, CPAs and Settlement Companies to carefully analyze that every transaction is done efficiently, expeditiously and professionally. 

What is a Short Sale?  

A Short Sale is a sale of Real Estate that is similar to doing a regular except that the property being sold is underwater or have a Flat to Negative Equity in which the total proceeds from the sale will fall short of the existing balance secured by a Deed or lien(s) against the property; and whose owners don't have the capacity to repay the full amount of debt but are willing to let go & give up full control. In exchange the lender owning the mortgage will agree to release the Lien(s) on the property and accepts payment for less than the full amount of the mortgage(s). 

Short Sale Benefits

Having gone through the process, if and when a Short Sale is approved, it clears your debt with your lender; Minimize your credit score damage as opposed to filing for Bankruptcy; Lender normally paid all the Closing Costs Expenses and potentially provide moving allowances so that the sellers can have a smooth transition. The latter is case to case and will depend greatly on the actual hardship being experienced. For a free consultation please feel free to contact us anytime.